2013 SMAR 30-Hour Teams

Premier – Coed

YogaSlackers/ENDracing – 3-Person Coed

Medicus WRX – 4-Person Coed

Rib Mountain Racing – 3-Person Coed

Vyster – 4-Person Coed

Adventure Capitalists/BDAR Midwest – 3-Person Coed

Rev3/MK – 3-Person Coed

The Beautiful People  4-Person Coed

GearJunkie/WEDALI – 4-Person Coed

Premier – Open

Boom Boom Pow – 4-Person Female

2-Person – Coed

Train Chicago Studio 2

2-Person – Open

WTFAIDT – 2-Person Male

Train Chicago Studios – 2-Person Male

Team Tumbleweeds – 2-Person Male

Solo Female

Solo Male

Adventure South Racing


Michael Hanson

No Sleep Til SoBro

Self Titled

4xtreme Lotus

Blind Squirrel

Silent Chaser

* Not Paid

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