SMAR 2019 5-Hr Results

Full results with splits and CPs by race leg are here.

Please report any discrepancies by end of day, 7/7/19, at which point results will be considered final.

Overall PlaceDivision PlaceOfficial DivisionTeam NameTotal CPs
71FamilyAge Before Beauty20
102Family My Favorite Youngest Son16
313-P FemaleNo Nuts Just Guts21
112-P CoedTufty’s Toughies24
223-P CoedHero Fitness23
1334-P CoedHalf Nuts All Guts14
1443-P CoedSea-Ward13
812-P FemaleBasket Full of Kittens19
1122-P FemaleEdelweiss15
1232-P FemaleOk Go!14
412-P MaleSin. Repent. Repeat.21
622-P MaleWe’re totally lost, but we’re making great time!20
932-P MaleHeavyD17
51Solo MaleSilver Fern Adventures21
3-P FemaleHot Moms6
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