SMAR 2019 12-Hr Results

Full results with splits and CPs by race leg are here

Please report any discrepancies by end of day, 7/7/19, at which point results will be considered final.

Overall PlaceDivision PlaceOfficial DivisionTeam NameTotal CPs
1313-P CoedMinnesota Rovers23
1814-P FemaleWho Run The World? Girls.13
313-P MaleScott Labotty and the Two Hotties37
1723-P MaleHeBoJo That Way14
212-P CoedAwesome Sauce38
922-P CoedI’m in Charge of the Map27
1032-P CoedHot Kitty Cold Kitty26
1242-P CoedVelocikitty Snuggles25
512-P MaleConcrete33
622-P MaleOnce was lost but now am found33
1332-P MaleFashionably Late23
71Solo FemaleAdventure Girl32
11Solo MaleScenic Route41
42Solo MaleConfident Wolf36
83Solo MaleIn Our Element27
154Solo MaleBlind Squirrel22
165Solo MaleI am my own spirit animal21

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