SFAR 2019 Results

Results are final. Detailed Results with splits are here (Updated 4/9).

Overall PlaceDivision PlaceDivisionTeam Name
113 Person CoedRib Mountain Racing
523 Person CoedOperations of Order
833 Person CoedScenic Route
1443 Person CoedLupine Racing USA
1753 Person CoedCORBA Kai
2563 Person CoedJungle Pugs
1813 Person MaleFashionably Late
2813 Person FemaleBrunch Birds – Aka: The Grouse, The Crane and The Loon
291FamilyMad Boylers
512 Person CoedI’m in Charge of the Map
1522 Person CoedBig Andre Baby
2032 Person CoedDisOriented
2742 Person CoedA turn for the worst
1312 Person FemaleAdventure Girls
2422 Person FemalePEDDLEFISH
2632 Person FemaleMy Mother’s Making Me Do This
212 Person MaleCheckpoint 9
422 Person MaleMedicus WRX
2132 Person MaleT-Rocktapus
2242 Person MaleJAMMER
2352 Person MalePioneers
31Solo MaleJust for fun (I swear)
72Solo MaleElkbones
93Solo MaleMoose Planet
104Solo MaleMediocre at Best
104Solo MaleJP
126Solo MaleTeam Steve
167Solo MaleSilver Fern Adventures
198Solo MaleThe Peaceful Fox
309Solo MalePinkepank
3110Solo MaleFat guy – Skinny tires