2018 SMAR 5-Hour Teams


Team Number Division Team Team Members
24 Premier Coed Half Nuts All Guts Steve Wood, Ann Phillips, Jay Plummer, Jennifer Pederson
22 Premier Coed Not All Those Who Wander Are Lost Erik Lacksonen, Abby Lacksonen, Tim Johnsen, Luke Novak
27 Premier Open Jet A Amy Rynes, Laurie Smith, Laura Hernick
29 Premier Open No Nuts Just Guts Becca Holman, Bayli Maliszewski, Tania Riske
28 Premier Open Two Studs and a Dud Jacob Rose, Henry Rose, Jonny Levelius
26 Premier Open VivoNow Chad Hopkins, Eli, Josh, Dyke
25 2-P Coed DABI Danielle DeBruyne, Bill Barthen
33 2-P Coed Hold Our Beers Anne Marchand, Rich Tauer
40 2-P Coed Lost and Clark Eric Lang, Tami Lang
17 2-P Coed One Child Left Behind Bridget Shore, Jonathan Shore
11 2-P Coed Totally Lost Dan Higginbotham, Margaret Higginbotham
34 2-P Open Force of Nature Matthew Goodness, Jerad Arendt
35 2-P Open Medicus WRX Mike Zolinski, Jeff Everson
37 2-P Open Once was lost but now am found Tom Lacksonen, Larry Mollan
38 Family Age Before Beauty Jason Myers, Victoria Myers
39 Family Corcoran Commandos Jon Bottema, Ryan Bottema
200 Solo Male Silver Fern Adventures Phillip Taylor

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