2018 SMAR 12-Hour Teams

Team Number Division Team Team Members
127 Premier Coed MAD S Amber Dolphin, Steve Moechnig, Chris Pappathopoulos
133 Premier Open Dirty Rotten Scoundrels Chris Potter, Jesse Hogstad, Sam Peterlik
132 Premier Open Running Amuk Adam Ewoldt, Jason Ewoldt, Luke Schmidt
128 Premier Open Team JLR Ryan Boyd, Justin Boyd, Luke Wasylik
122 2-P Coed Awesome Sauce Malachi Roth, Megan Roth
121 2-P Coed Element E Brian Curry, Barb Curry
120 2-P Coed Minnesota Rovers Scott Stammer, Jodi Stammer
123 2-P Coed Operations of Order Kendra Stritch, Jake Bourdow
124 2-P Open Elkbones Anthony Leiton, Mike Prucha
125 2-P Open THE Wiscohioans David Clark, Matthew Kovalaske
126 Family Blind Squirrels Jason Johnson, Grace Johnson, Claire Johnson
195 Solo Male Blind Squirrel Scott Clements
199 Solo Male Cardiac Arrest Brian Belanger
198 Solo Male Control.Push() Mason Thornberg
196 Solo Male Fausto Adam Steiner
197 Solo Male Hopscotch William DeZelar
194 Solo Male I am my own spirit animal Jereme Rauckman
193 Solo Male Rage Against the Cutoff Drake White

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