2018 SMAR 30-Hour Teams


Team Number Division Team Team Members
145 Premier Coed K.L.D. Racing David Unger, Leann Friesen, Kevin Neufeld
146 Premier Coed Lupine Racing USA Michele Ericsson, Rick Schnell, Dan Ziegler
147 Premier Coed Rib Mountain Racing Tim Buchholz, Anna Nummelin, Scott Erlandson, Emily Korsch
148 Premier Coed Toporadicals Nathan Graves, Brian Rodenbeck, Melissa Kelley, Scott Kelley
149 Premier Open 2/3 40 Shawn Eberle,John Akan, Mitch Sonnentag
150 Premier Open Silent Chasers Phil Nicolas, Micah Kolves, Kevin Poirier
140 2-P Coed Cyclepaths Jamie Karshbaum, Benji Young
142 2-P Open Checkpoint 9 Kyle Page, Travis White
144 2-P Open Les Missouriables David McWilliams, Michael Southworth
141 2-P Open Mafia Racing – Texas Boys Allan Big-Daddy Meyers, Lee Rooney
143 2-P Open Thunder Dragons Mike Looft, Nate Fritsch
192 Solo Male Blind Squirrel Ryan Knitter
191 Solo Female Mountain Race Company Rachel Furman
190 Solo Female Naps with Maps Jitka Hiscox

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