2018 SFAR Teams


Division Team Team Members
4-Person Coed CORBA Kai Dojo Jereme Rauckman, Cesar Arauz, Luke Pederson, Heidi Pederson
4-Person Coed Dream Team Jerry Schmidt, Jessica Schmidt, Eric Holland, Andrew Moore
3-Person Coed Hill Yea! Kyle McAndrew, Annaliese Wimbleton, Charlie Kongkaeow
3-Person Coed Lupine Racing USA Rick Schnell, Michele Ericsson, Eric Olson
3-Person Coed Rib Mountain Racing Tim Buchholz, Anna Nummelin, Erik Martinez
4-Person Coed What’s a Compass? * Matt Chapman, Jen Chapman, Tia Derflinger, Adam Meirick
3-Person Female We’re not lost Laurie Smith, Amy Rynes, Laura Hernick
4-Person Male Checkpoint 9 Kyle Page, Craig Thiessen, Travis White, Danno Hoff
2-Person Coed Element E Brian Curry, Barb Curry
2-Person Coed Team Hammer Carl Ham, Kerry Ham
2-Person Coed I’m In Charge of the Map Cristin Hopp, Casey Hopp
2-Person Coed MAD S Amber Dolphin, Steve Moechnig
2-Person Open – Male Norton Garry Norton, Justin Holsapple
2-Person Coed TransCon Expeditions Josh Mohr, Kara Lapso
2-Person Coed Wiseman Jason Wiseman, Amy Wiseman
2-Person Open – Female Klaassen * Sarah Klaassen, Margo Klaassen
2-Person Open – Female Wrong Way Sisters Jeri Boyce, Rene Magnuson
2-Person Open – Male 2004 Chicago Bears Jay Futterman, Gabriel Buehl
2-Person Open – Male Big Bear Chase Me Andy Novak, Scott Groff
2-Person Open – Male Elkbones Anthony Leiton, Mike Prucha
2-Person Open – Male Jammer Jeff Krueger, Mike Lucas
2-Person Open – Male Limping Along John Jicha, Todd Dosher
2-Person Open – Male Medicus WRX Mike Zolinski, Jeffy Everson
2-Person Open – Male Orion Gregg Pattison, Nate Romberg
2-Person Open – Male THE Wiscohioans David Clark, Matthew Kovalaske
Solo Female White Lightning Lorry Weidner
Solo Male Eye of the World Mike LaScola
Solo Male Recalculating Route Chris Pappathopoulos
Solo Male Rufus Weed Matt Plutz
Solo Male Silver Fern Adventures Phillip Taylor
Solo Male Trail Ninja Brian Neuses

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