2017 SMAR 12-Hour Teams


Team Team Number Division Team Members
Running Amuk  117 3-Person Male Adam Ewoldt, Jason Ewoldt, Luke Schmidt
Overly Ambitious Turtles  116 3-Person Male Jim Portmann, Alex Rykken, Hans Lindvall
Rogue One  118 3-Person Male Tanner Stirrat, Loren Stallcop, Mike Stirrat
Elkbones  113 3-Person Co-ed Anthony Leiton, Mike Prucha, Kelcy Boettcher
Minnesota Rovers  112 3-Person Coed Scott Stammer, Jodi Stammer, Bill DeZelar
Thunder Dragons  115 4-Person Coed Mike Looft, Katie Looft, Nate Fritsch, Jenna Fritsch
Thunder Chickens  114 4-Person Coed Jeff Phillips, Mike Phillips, Eric Engelhardt, Jenny Ewert
Team Hay  111 3-Person Coed Eric Martin, Ellen Martin, Rich Martin
MAD S  110 2-Person Coed Amber Dolphin, Steve Moechnig
K2  109 2-Person Coed Andrea Korte, Brian Korte
Awesomesauce  108 2-Person Coed Malachi Roth, Megan Roth
Directionally Challenged  107 2-Person Male Heath Osberg, Trevor Martin
Swat Flies  106 2-Person Male Bob Burnett, Joe Haan
Carhartt Athletics Dept  105 3-Person Male Michael Curry, Dr. Keith Simons, Chris Stenhouse
The Trail Ninjas  104 2-Person Male Brian Neuses, Mike LaScola
Cardiac Arrest  103 Solo Male Brian Belanger
Control.Push()  102 Solo Male Mason Thornberg
I am my own spirit animal  101 Solo Male Jereme Rauckman
Blind Squirrel 100 Solo Male Scott Clements

* Not Paid

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