2019 SFAR Boat Rental

The following teams have rental boats reserved for this year’s Stubborn Fool Adventure Race.

If you would like to rent a canoe or kayak (solos only), please do so no later than April 1 using thisĀ link.

Team Canoes/Kayak (pfds and paddles included)
CORBA Kai 1 canoe
I’m in Charge of the Map 1 canoe
Big Andre Baby 1 canoe
Two for One 1 canoe
Fashionably Late 1 canoe
Jungle Pugs 1 canoe
My Mother’s Making Me Do This 1 canoe
Checkpoint 9 1 canoe
Lupine Racing 1 canoe
Mediocre at Best 1 kayak (solo team)
JAMMER 1 canoe
Pinkepank 1 kayak (solo team)
Brunch Birds – Aka: The Grouse, The Crane and The Loon 1 canoe
Elkbones 1 kayak (solo team)
The Pioneers 1 canoe
DisOriented 1 canoe
Silver Fern Adventures 1 kayak (solo team)
JP 1 kayak (solo team)
The Peaceful Fox 1 kayak (solo team)
A turn for the worst 1 canoe
Adventure Girls 1 canoe (solo team)

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